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After thirty-five minute as the crow flies from the city of Pokhara we can reached a beautiful place of Manang district i.e. Tilicho Lake. It is in the distant of 55kilometers from the beautiful city Pokhara, which covers 4.8km2 area, 85m in depth and contain 41,000,000US gal fresh water. The world’s highest lake Tilicho lake is situated at an attitude of 4949Maslin the range of Annapurna Himalayas. This glacial Lake impressed every visitors by its natural beauty and peace surroundings which seems clear, clean and beautiful picturesque. The mountain surroundings the lake are Khangsar, Muktinath peak, Nilgiri and Tilicho.
According to the local person named Chong Bahadur Pun who spent his 75 years in Tilicho Base Camp says “this lake is religiously significant. Hindu believe that Tilicho Lake is the ancient kak Bhusundi Lake mentioned in the epic Ramayana. The sage kak Bhusundi is believed to have first told the happenings of Ramayana to Garuda- king of birds, near this lake. The sage took the form of a crow while telling the story Garuda. Crow translate kak in Sanskrit, hence the name Kak Bhusundi for the sake.
Tilicho Lake is the destination of one of the most popular side hikes of Annapurna Circuit Trek, which takes additional 3-4 days. There are lodges between Manang and the Lake. After a day hike from the lodge we reached final approach towards the lake. If we are attempting , Annapurna Circuit we usually need to cross the watershed between Manang and Kali Gandaki valleys over the 5416m high Thorangla Pass, which becomes a great experience for us in our lifetime. The Foreign Trekkers said that they are in heaven now, ”Wah Tilicho” I Love Nepal and said they doesn’t have any words to describe that beauty.

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