Trekking Grade

As we offer wide ranges of Nepal treks you can choose either Teahouse Style (lodge trekking) or Camping Trek (Fully organized trekking). Like wise trekking in Nepal, you can choose between staying in tea-house or camping. A tea-house is a local run guest house, but standards vary enormously. In popular areas such as Annapurna, tea houses are more like hotels, with hot water, Western food and private rooms, whereas in remote areas, they are far simpler and more authentically Nepali. Tea-house trekking is less expensive than camping, and is suitable for small groups. With large groups, irrespective of the area, it is more practical to camp. A team of guides, porters and cooks mean you trek in comfort and provide international-style food of a high standard.

Easy Trekking GradeEasy Grade Trek
Trekkers with no previous experience, we offer a diverse range of easy treks. By easy, we mean that trek involves no difficult climbing or ascents to high altitudes, takes usually no more that a week and is suitable for anyone. However, you should not think that loss of height means loss of interest; while our more challenging treks get you closer to a small number of mountain ranges; lower altitude treks often provide colorful.


Moderate Grade TrekModerate Grade Trek
This Moderate Treks is more difficult than easy and leisure trek and are suitable for any walker looking for something a little more energetic. This Moderate trek are longer (10-20 days), involve more walking up and down and climb to higher altitudes, where you will be rewarded with close-up views of big mountains. For a well-trodden route with good tea-house facilities, you could choose the Annapurna Base Camp Trek.


Difficult Grade Trek The Strenuous Treks
Strenuous Trekking should only be undertaken by those with some previous mountain walking experience. They ascend to altitudes of up to 500m and involve some steep climbing, although it is necessary to use ropes. Treks at this level can he arranged for periods of 7-21 days. For a popular and spectacular trek, with the.


More Difficult TrekThe Challenging Treks
Challenging Treks are only for real adventurers. They involve steep ascents to high altitudes with the possibility of some rope climbing. You'll need stamina to complete one of these treks, as it can take 20-28 days to journey to the heart of the wildernesses that they cross. All are camping expeditions.



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