Mustang Trekking

The region of Mustang is populated by the people following Buddhism as their main religion with some touch of local perform that has evolved since time immemorial. Views of Mustang trekking lonely along the way to Kali Gandaki river bank, vast seats around Kagbeni, expansive ridge and high mountain give mind blowing knowledge for the brave explorer. Stone construction is the main feature of the building style of the area and not a single building is unhurt by this structural design method. All houses, gates, concrete etc. Villages are the living example of this kind of structural design. Trekking in Mustang is actually one of the most gratifying experience in Nepal. Trekkers will have a close up view of the archaic culture that has remain impassive by rebuilding for centuries. The land is very dry with inadequate vegetation. This area is regard as the desert in the mountains, a trek in this area can be pleasurable any time of the year. This is a sheltered region with very shy but friendly people. A visit to this area will certainly give a pre-knowledge before going for a trip to Tibet. This area lies to the north of Annapurna region and destination of this area can be joint for the trek. The king still exists and grants spectators to the travelers in his palace at the walls city of Lo Manthang. Mustang is still observed as a restricted area and for a trek in this area special bureaucracy need to be finished before scheme this trek.


Special Packages for Mustang Area

Upper Mustang Trek

Mustang is one of the few places in the world that has long-lived a very close-niche life and that region was, until recently, inaccessible to outsiders. This isolation helped the people of Mustang to maintain their lifestyle and heritage that...

Lower Mustang Trek

Lower Mustang trek takes us to the border of one of the most remote kingdom on earth, within a reasonable timeframe and ascending to extreme altitude.Trekking in this region is an adventure in wonderland. Astonishing altitude variations...

Mustang Tiji Festival Trek

Upper Mustang consists of two distinct regions: the southern part and the northern where the languages, culture and traditions are alike to those of the Tibetan people. Mustang’s culture has descended in its pure form from the Red Hat sect of...

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